Birkenshaw litter control area

North Lanarkshire Council's Environmental Protection team have established a litter control area at Birkenshaw Industrial Estate, Uddingston

The intention is to tackle litter and dumping in this industrial estate. This method is used in various other industrial estates and prescribed areas throughout the authority.

What's a litter control area?

This is a defined area of land, which has been or is affected by litter or dumping, such that the amenity of the area has or will continue to be detrimentally affected.

What does a litter control area do?

In layman's terms it makes the occupiers and users of the land responsible for its cleanliness.

How do you make a litter control area?

After establishing that there is a need for a litter control area, approval needs to be given by the council's elected members. If approval is given then notification is issued to all the affected parties within the defined area. This describes their responsibilities and the areas they will be held accountable for maintaining. It also gives each party an opportunity to make representations, within a 21-day period, to the local authority on any issues that they feel relevant to the proposed litter control order. These will be considered before a litter control order is established.

I occupy/own premises within a proposed litter control area. How do I find out more?

Simply use the 'contact us' box.

Current Position

Full committee approval has now been granted for this litter control area. Surveillance will continue to be provided by the Environmental Protection Officers in an attempt to catch fly tippers and those littering within the industrial estate. However any problem areas will now be tackled directly with the occupiers of those affected sites. Working with the occupiers the Environmental Protection team hope that the amenity of the site will be improved, which will only bring about positive outcomes for visitors to the site and consequentially businesses occupying it.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related articles', 'download' and 'other useful websites'.

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