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Suicide campaign launched for young adults


A campaign to raise awareness about suicide among young adults and where to get help has been launched by the new council leader.

The focus of the campaign is a powerful video targeting young adults aged 16–24 who are being encouraged to talk more openly about suicide and to seek help if they are worried about it themselves or have concerns about friends and family.

The ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign for young adults is part of Suicide Prevention North Lanarkshire’s focus on tackling the stigma around suicide and raising awareness about where to get help, as the latest figures show an increase in the number of people in this age category taking their own lives.

The leader of the council, Councillor Jordan Linden, has thrown his backing to the campaign after personal experience of feelings of low mood and living with depression. He said, “I know first-hand the emotional worry and stress that people live with, when living with poor mental health. And these feelings can happen to anyone at any time, and I know from personal experience how distressing and lonely it can feel. But it’s important that people know that help is available, and I would urge anyone with concerns, fears or worries to reach out. There are people who care about and love you and they will help you. Please reach out and speak to them.

“You may have been feeling low for a while. Sometimes suicidal thoughts and feelings can build slowly and other times they can hit out of nowhere. Either way, hiding your feelings may make things worse.

“Sharing your feelings with a friend or family member, GP or other mental health professionals, can be hard, but it can change everything. And if you don’t feel able to speak to someone you know and trust, there are people on the end of a phone who are experienced in managing feelings of suicide and will help to keep you safe.

“If you are the family member or friend who is concerned about someone, don’t be afraid to ask about their feelings. Checking in on the people you care about gives them the opening to talk. You can do this in person, on the phone or even via text if that feels more comfortable to start with.

“There is only one you, and you matter, so however you go about it, Let’s Talk and prevent the tragedy of suicide together.”

Page last updated:
21 Jun 2022

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