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What are we doing now?

Emerging preferred option

We have assessed four route lengths to see which one is best.

To ensure the project benefits would meet the needs of the area, we ranked our considerations in an order of importance.

We also looked closely at areas where ground conditions were an issue and adjusted routes to reduce the impact on the environment and cost.  

Watch the video for more information on how we assessed the emerging preferred route.

(to watch the videos in full-screen mode, please click on the text at the top of the video)

Section 3 – Emerging Preferred option

The emerging preferred option

The interactive map

Use our interactive map to see the four options we have considered during Stage 2 and where we would need to build bridges and roundabouts for the new road.

Using the map

To hide the key on the map use the arrows at the bottom of the screen (this is called toggle interactive legend)

Use the arrows in the information box to find out about all the options and features for where you are clicking on the map.

Please note, when you click on a feature like a bridge, this may not be the first item that appears in the information box.

The map on mobile devices

Click on the title in the information box to get more information about the option or the feature. This will appear below the title after you click on it.

Stage 2 interactive map

Interactive map showing the four options

view on the full screen

Option B

Of the shortlisted options, Option B performed best and is the emerging preferred route.

This was the longest route and it goes from the A73/Lancaster Avenue roundabout to a new roundabout north of Riggend.

Watch the video for more information on Option B.

Flyover of the emerging preferred option

This video shows you the route of the emerging preferred option
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26 May 2021

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