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What are we doing now?

Stage 1 feedback

We listened to what you had to say at Stage 1.

During the Stage 1 online community engagement exercise we carried out in March 2020, you gave us valuable feedback.

The Stage 1 feedback from you and key stakeholders has been considered as we developed the Stage 2 options.

You can also give us your feedback on the emerging preferred route as part of this engagement.   

Your feedback from Stage 1 and Stage 2 will help to inform the next stage of the project.

You said Our response
The project could impact on properties throughout the route, including noise and air pollution.

The shortlisted options have less impact on existing properties than other options considered within Stage 1.

We recognise however that there are some properties close to the route of the emerging preferred option. We will consider ways of reducing impacts on these properties at the next stage and consult directly with affected property owners. 

Building a new road could impact on the green belt/countryside and on wildlife in the area, in particular Ancient Woodland and North Calder Heritage Trail.

Environment was given high importance for selecting the shortlisted options. Other route options considered in Stage 1 had more environmental impact and were not taken forward to Stage 2.

Environment was also given high importance at Stage 2 when assessing the shortlisted options.

At the next stage, environmental impact will be assessed in more detail and ways of protecting wildlife, maintaining countryside access and reducing the impact on ecology, woodland, etc will be identified.  This will form part of the environmental impact assessment for the planning application.

There are congestion issues and the new road needs to be future-proofed to encourage drivers to use it.

By building a new road to the east of Airdrie, we will provide an alternative route for through traffic. This will free up space on the A73 through Chapelhall and Airdrie for local traffic and reduce congestion. The new road will have a small number of junctions and it is not intended to provide access for new developments. An access will however be needed for the proposed replacement Monklands Hospital at Wester Moffat.

A signage strategy will be developed to direct north/south through traffic to use the new road.

Public transport and active travel improvements and choices are needed. 

The new road is intended to reduce the amount of through traffic on the A73 through Chapelhall and Airdrie. This will help to make bus services quicker and more reliable. New bus services may also use the new road. 

As part of the overall project, we will create a new north/south walking, wheeling and cycling route between Riggend and Chapelhall. This will connect to the NCN 75 and other existing local path networks where possible.

We will also identify where new path sections and/or crossings are needed to maintain access on existing cycling, walking and horse riding routes at the next stage. 

There needs to be easy access to the new road from the west to prevent additional traffic going through Airdrie, Brownsburn, Calderbank etc. 

The emerging preferred option will be accessible locally at Chapelhall (Lancaster Avenue), Plains (A89) and the B803 (Greengairs Road). 

From the main road network, it will be accessible via the A73 at Newhouse to the south, and from the A73 at Riggend to the north. 

The new road will provide an alternative route for through traffic travelling to destinations to the north and south of Airdrie.  This will free up space on the A73 through Chapelhall and Airdrie for local traffic.

The project could impact on local businesses during construction and lead to a loss of passing trade. 

The main purpose of the new road is to provide an alternative route for through traffic. This will reduce congestion and provide more space on the existing A73 through Airdrie and Chapelhall for local traffic and for access to local businesses in the Airdrie area. 

We will consult with affected businesses at the next stage to make sure that access arrangements can be made for them when the road is being built. 

That safety improvements were needed on the existing A73. The new road will provide opportunities for improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists on the existing A73, for example, improved bus facilities and measures to encourage more walking, wheeling and cycling safely. 
That the new road will reduce traffic volumes through Chapelhall and improve air quality.   Improving air quality in Chapelhall is one of the main aims of the project. The emerging preferred option will help to achieve this by providing an alternative route for through traffic to the east of Chapelhall and Airdrie. 
That the study has failings in relation to the rail initiatives, and Plains and the Greengairs-Slammanan Axis.

We considered options to improve north/south rail connections during Stage 1. These included new sections of rail lines and increased service frequency on existing routes.  Whilst these options would improve public transport, they didn’t meet enough of the project objectives to be taken to the next stage. There are also constraints to building new rail line sections in built-up areas. 

Some of the rail initiatives considered would bring benefits to the areas as well as an East Airdrie Link Road. Alternative funding would however be needed if these were to be taken forward. 

The emerging preferred option for the new road has roundabouts on the B803 Greengairs Road and A89 to the west of Plains and will improve travel connections for these communities.

That you were concerned that local roads will be stopped up or bridged over. 

The new road will go over or under local roads to keep local access throughout the area. Overall, local road access will not be reduced by the project.

Some roads will need to be crossed with a bridge. 

How will the new road link up with the Monklands Replacement Hospital site.  

We are working closely with NHS Lanarkshire to make sure the new road project and the  Monklands Replacement Hospital project at Wester Moffat are coordinated.

There will be access to the replacement hospital site at Wester Moffat from the new road. The details of this access are being discussed with NHS Lanarkshire. 

That the new road will provide improved connections to the north. 

This is one of the main aims of the project.

The emerging preferred option we’ve identified connects to the A73 to the north of Riggend.  This will provide more travel benefits than the other shortlisted options considered. 

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20 Jul 2021

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