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Town Action Plans

Next Steps

Town Action Plan development has been split into three phases. Phase 1 incorporates the towns of Airdrie, Motherwell and Wishaw. Phase 2 includes Bellshill, Coatbridge, Kilsyth and Shotts. Cumbernauld makes up the third and final phase.

Town Action Plans - Phase 1

This phase includes the towns of Airdrie, Motherwell and Wishaw and has already saw the publication of a Draft Town Action Plan for each of the three towns placed on public display for comment via an online exhibition and questionnaire. Physical exhibitions were also on display within each local library during June and July 2023, for a period of six weeks. 

The draft documents have been amended to reflect the comments made during the public consultation and will be presented to our Enterprise and Fair Work Committee in November 2023 for approval.

Town Action Plans - Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Town Action Plan project began in September 2023 and covers the towns of Bellshill, Coatbridge, Kilsyth and Shotts.

Public workshops are being held with each of these local communities to co-produce and develop the draft Town Action Plans.

The public, our partners, the third sector and the private sector are invited to a series of open public workshops to discuss the future of each town, with a view to identifying a range of physical development projects in support of the ambitions set out in the Town Visions.

The public workshops will take place during October and November 2023, following which draft Town Action Plan documents will be prepared and then placed on display for public consultation in mid November to mid December 2023.

The public consultation will replicate the process used in phase 1 with an online exhibition and a physical exhibition, staffed by officers of the Council, one day per week in each town, throughout the six week consultation period.

Town Action Plans - Phase 3

Phase 3 of the Town Action Plan project will be for the town of Cumbernauld.

The development of the draft Town Action Plan for Cumbernauld will take place in parallel with the development of the draft masterplan for the redevelopment of the town centre and will incorporate significant levels of public consultation and engagement with businesses and the local community.

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27 Sep 2023

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