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Allanton Primary and Nursery FAQs

Repairs update

Monday 29 November 2021

There will be an increase in the contractor's presence and activities in and around the school grounds.

This is in preparation for the erection of the site compound and material storage areas.

Mid-week the first storage container will be delivered.

Various health and safety signs will also be erected.

Fencing may also be placed in certain key areas.  

The contractor will then gradually work towards having a fully safe and secure working environment in place over the next few weeks.

Once this is established, the repair and replacement works will then get underway.

Previous updates:

Tuesday 16 November

Contractors are on site this week to take measurements to external walls and windows, as well as internal survey works. This is a normal routine survey to understand to ascertain materials required.

Wednesday 17 November

Staff from our contractor and architects will be undertaking internal survey works.

This is a normal routine survey which is required to understand how some of the external walls and windows connect together so that materials to match can be specified. 

Later in the week there will be contractors carrying out surveys of the underground drainage system around the school building, playground and car parking areas. Again, this is a routine survey to assess the impact of the new works and to chart locations and positions of the drainage system. 

Wednesday 10 November:

Authorised staff are on site to finalise specifications, materials required and to carry out external surveys. This is normal preparatory activity required prior to repair and replacement works.

Friday 5 November

We will be undertaking internal asbestos surveys.

This is a normal routine exercise and is required to ensure a thorough understanding of how any asbestos present is to be managed during the construction works.

Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 November

Our contractors will carry out external surveys of the walls – this is to finalize the specifications, quantities of materials required and timescales for delivery.

This is normal preparatory works which are necessary before any repair and replacement work can begin.

Why is this move needed?

North Lanarkshire Council has taken the decision to move primary pupils to Dykehead Primary School and nursery children to Newmains Nursery Class on a temporary basis.

During the last century, something called Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) blockwork and render was often used when cladding timber-framed buildings. The PFA blocks have a high sulphur content, and it is this that can damage the nails which fix the blocks to the building’s timber frame over time. This is the primary issue. 

The inspection found that, in places, the render was beginning to separate from the structure. This means that we have to carry out extensive repairs, removing the cladding and replacing it. We will also fix some damage to the timber frame at the same time as replacing the cladding.

For clarity, the building has not posed an immediate risk to those using it. However, the school is small, the site is constrained, and the work will be noisy and dusty so we don’t have the option of keeping parts of the building open. You may already have seen that groundworks are underway to create an area of hardstanding for the contractor’s compound. 

Because of all this, we judged that the work would have a negative impact on teaching, learning and the wellbeing of pupils and staff.

The decision to move the school temporarily while the work is carried out is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff, which is our number one priority. 

How will pupils travel to the temporary school? 

Transport arrangements are in place for primary pupils and nursery children.

Why were Dykehead and Newmains Nursery Class chosen?

Where possible we always strive to educate children in settings appropriate to their age. That’s why a primary school was chosen for the temporary decant.

Locating primary aged pupils in another primary means that all resources, furniture and fittings are age and size appropriate (for example, toilet facilities).

The children from Allanton are not being ‘separated’ from Dykehead pupils; they are being kept with their classes of familiar friends and teachers but will have opportunities to mix with Dykehead pupils at other times.

We have a legal obligation to ensure all nursery children are within a setting that meets Care Inspectorate requirements.  As Dykehead Primary does not have a nursery, Newmains Nursery Class was deemed the most suitable option.

The Scottish Government have removed the need for bubbles in schools, however all other ongoing mitigating factors will continue, for example, hand sanitising.

Breakfast club arrangements for Allanton PS pupils

Find out all the information about breakfast and lunch arrangements

Will the school/nursery hours be the same? 

Children will arrive back to Allanton primary school between 2.45m and 3pm

Will my child be in a class/playroom with Dykehead/Newmains pupils/children?

  • Primary: Allanton PS pupils are being kept with their classes of familiar friends and teachers but will have opportunities to mix with Dykehead pupils at other times.
  • Nursery: Yes, the nursery has the necessary space to accommodate children from both nurseries. Children will be supported and cared for by existing and familiar staff.

What about Covid guidance in schools?

The Scottish Government has removed the need for bubbles in schools. 

This reflects wider community advice and guidance in that pupils from various schools are mixing outside school at after school care provisions, various children's clubs and sports events.

All schools concerned are currently following Scottish Government and NHS Lanarkshire Public Health advice and have appropriate risk assessments in place. 

We have worked closely with our colleagues from Safety and Wellbeing and they have prepared specific risk assessments around the decant to both establishments and these address all factors along with suggested mitigations.

How long will the school/nursery be decanted? 

It is too early to say how long these arrangements will be in place, but we will update this page as soon as the situation and timescales become clearer. 

Do children have to use the transport provided?

No, transport is available to any pupils that require it; however, parents/carers can choose to take their children to Dykehead/Newmains.

Does the bus have seatbelts?

Yes, seatbelts are standard on all council transport contracts.

Will children know the staff?

Staff from Allanton PS and NC will be with their own pupils at the respective sites.

Is the council planning to close Allanton Primary School permanently?

No. The council has no plans to close Allanton Primary School permanently.

The repair works will be carried out and we will update parents about the work involved and the timescales as soon as possible.

Will my child still have access to outdoor play?

Yes, children will have access to outdoor play.

Will my child's medication be available at the temporary nursery?

Yes, this will be available as normal.

if you have any questions, please email

Page last updated:
29 Nov 2021

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