Proposed Plan Public Consultation

The Consultation ended on Monday 20 March 2017

This page will be updated with information on how the Proposed Plan is moving forward.

The pdf icon Proposed Plan [995kb] was made available at our Enterprise and Place Office Cumbernauld, Civic Centre Motherwell, at local libraries and First stop shops

The Proposed Plan consultation was an important stage in the statutory process of replacing the current North Lanarkshire Local Plan with a Local Development Plan (The Plan). The Proposed Plan identifies opportunities for development and sets out policies for the development and use of all land including Council owned land.

The Proposed Plan consists of a:

pdf icon Policy Document [995kb] sets out the main principles and policies to be used in when determining planning applications

Proposed Plan Map Books containing:

Promotion Map showing the locations for development and improvements to infrastructure as well as the settlement boundaries, Green Belt and Countryside.

Protection Map showing the protected green network and built heritage assets as well as other development constraints such as pipelines, Air Quality Management Areas etc

The Proposed Plan Map Books (Promotion and Protection Maps) have been grouped by Local Area Partnership Areas (LAPS). At the front of each Map Book is a Map Key and Inset Maps. The Promotion Map for each area is shown first followed by the Protection Map for the same area.  Both maps should be read in conjunction with the Map Key which explains what the various shadings and colours mean.  If you experience any issues opening the maps, please use another browser (Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer).

pdf icon Proposed Plan Airdrie LAP - Map Book [10Mb]

pdf icon Proposed Plan Bellshill LAP - Map Book [6Mb]

pdf icon Proposed Plan Coatbridge LAP - Map Book [6Mb]

pdf icon Proposed Plan Cumbernauld & Kilsyth LAP - Map Book [11Mb]

pdf icon Proposed Plan Motherwell LAP - Map Book [7Mb]

pdf icon Proposed Plan Northern Corridor LAP - Map Book [6Mb]

pdf icon Proposed Plan Wishaw LAP - Map Book [7Mb]



Background Reports


The Proposed Plan was approved for consultation at Planning and Transportation Committee on pdf icon 10 August 2016 [226kb].

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