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War Disablement Pension

What is it?

The War Disablement Pension (WDP), otherwise known as a War Pension, is a compensation scheme for veterans for any injury or illness which has been caused by or made worse by their service in His Majesty's (HM) Armed Forces.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to make a claim for a War Disablement Pension if all of the following apply:

  • you are no longer serving in His Majesty’s Armed Forces and 
  • you have an injury or illness caused by or made worse by their service in His Majesty's Armed Force and
  • your claimed disablement arose before 6 April 2005

There are a number of compensation schemes available to UK serving and former serving personnel who are injured as a result of their service in the armed forces.

The scheme that applies to each individual will depend on when and where you served.

What you will get?

There are two main types of War Pension Scheme awards:

  • a gratuity is a lump sum payment for disablement less than 20%
  • a pension is an ongoing payment paid weekly or monthly for disablement more than 20%

The one you receive depends on the level of your disablement.

Who pays it?

The War Pensions Office.

How do I apply?

Contact Veterans UK on 0800 169 2277.

Any age limits?


Is it National Insurance based?


Is it means-tested?


Any effect on other benefits?

It is common for some of the payment to be disregarded but this depends upon the details of your war disablement pension - please contact us for advice.

Is it taxable?


Is it payable in the European Union?

Yes but there may be problems with uprating.

Can I challenge the decision?

Most decisions under the War Pension or Armed Forces Compensation Schemes have an appeal right. The letter telling you about the decision tells you if you can appeal.

For more information please visit the DWP website.

Page last updated:
29 Feb 2024

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