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Property enquiry certificate

We offer a quality property enquiry service at a competitive price.

What is a property enquiry certificate?

Our property enquiry certificate tells if a property is:

  • a house which meets the 'tolerable' standard and has all the standard amenities
  • the subject of a Closing Order or a Demolition Order under housing legislation
  • in a Smoke Control Area
  • in an area designated as an air quality management area
  • affected by any other environmental or pollution issues
  • a house which is the subject of an Improvement Grant or a Repairs Grant
  • affected by Building Regulations
  • subject to an enforcement notice, compulsory purchase, other planning type agreements or directions or Tree Preservation Order

It also confirms whether:

  • the carriageway, footpath and/or footway and verge have been adopted for maintenance purposes
  • there are any road proposals affecting the property
  • the zoning of the property is in the Local plan
  • the property lies within a Housing Action Area or a Conservation Area; or is a listed building
  • the property or adjoining properties have been the subject of planning applications and, if so, these details 

How much does it cost?

The fee is £102 per property enquiry certificate.

Page last updated:
26 Oct 2020

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