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Planning: works without permission

Use this form to tell us if you think planning rules have been broken. You will be able to upload photgraphs and or documents as evidence. We don't investigate anonymous complaints.

Before you start

We have a legal right to take action when developers or householders start work without planning permission or if they don’t keep to the permission they have been given.

We can take action if:                 

  • Work is being done without permission or consent.
  • There is a change in use which isn’t authorised
  • There has been a failure to stick with the conditions of the permission or consent.
  • There are differences from approved plans or drawings.

Some complaints we might have no control over and can’t investigate. We can’t investigate complaints that are about boundary disputes. If this is the reason for your complaint, you should get legal advice.

The rights we have to take action are optional. We might not take legal action. It may be better for us to get a backdated planning application.

We do our best to keep reports anonymous, but this can’t be guaranteed if the case goes to court.