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The Provost's Citizenship Awards 2021

Use this form to nominate an individual or group for The Provost's Citizenship Awards 2021.

The Provost’s Citizenship Awards seeks to recognise the outstanding contribution that people and our unique communities make every day to ensure that North Lanarkshire is ‘The place to live, learn work, invest and visit’.

The Provost’s Citizenship Awards will recognise the tireless and valuable work carried out by individuals and groups within their own communities.

Before you start

The closing date to submit nominations is Friday 16 July 2021, any nominations received after this date will be not be considered.

The process and conditions
  • Applications are considered in confidence, by the Provost’s Panel.
  • On receipt of the nomination form nominees will be contacted to ensure that North Lanarkshire council can hold their personal information (to comply with GDPR).
  • Each nomination will be considered on its own merits and no firm criteria be specified except that no award would normally be made to any employee for carrying out any tasks within their normal employment.
  • The names of – Provost’s Citizenship Awards winners will be made public following the award.
  • Awards are presented at a celebratory event organised by the Provost.
  • A Posthumous Award nomination can be awarded to individuals within 2 years of the date of their death.

Eligibility criteria
  • Nominees should reside, work or attend school/college within the North Lanarkshire Council area;
  • Awards may be granted posthumously in recognition of recent achievements;
  • A person may receive an award on more than one occasion in recognition of their particularly outstanding community contribution or involvement in another initiative;
  • Unsuccessful nominees may be nominated in future years;
  • Nominations must be apolitical in their nature;
  • Elected members of North Lanarkshire Council are not eligible;
  • Employees of North Lanarkshire Council are eligible for recognition for activities not directly linked to their employment with the Council.