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Trees: problem with a tree

You don't have to give us your name or contact details to fill in this form. But, you must if a tree is affecting your land or property so we can contact you.
Use this form to report a problem with a tree.

Before you start

We will only deal with trees that are on council land or if they are a danger to people or property.
You can report the following tree problems:
  • tree is damaged;
  • dead or dying tree;
  • tree is encroaching on your land or property;
  • tree has fallen or is in danger of falling;
  • remove tree because of subsidence damage;
  • not enough space on a road or pavement because branches are overhanging;
  • the crew have left branches or leaves on the road or pavement;
  • request advice about tree management;
  • branches are broken; or
  • blocking the view of CCTV camera.
Use the links below to report the following: