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Helping you stay in your home

At some stage in your life, you may find that your council home is no longer suitable. This may be because you find the layout of the house difficult if you are ill, elderly or disabled.

What can I do?

You can:

  • apply to move house, or
  • have your home adapted to meet your needs

Can I continue to stay in my home?

Yes, you can stay in your home. We offer the following services which may help you stay in your home.


You may be able to have your home adapted to suit your needs.

Home adaptations range from putting in a shower to building a specially-adapted extension. If your home needs adapting because you are ill or disabled, a social work occupational therapist will assess you.

If you think your home needs adapting, please contact your local social work office and arrange an appointment with an occupational therapist.

If you are coming out of hospital and need an adaptation to your home, the hospital occupational therapist will assess your needs.

Changing the heating

You can have your heating changed if you are having difficulty using solid-fuel central-heating system or a coal fire due to physical disability or illness.You can only have your heating changed to gas.

If you would like your heating changed, you should contact your local housing office and fill in an application form which the occupational therapist will assess.

Help with your garden

If you are elderly or disabled and cannot cut grass or trim hedges in your garden, we can arrange for it to be done.  

You should contact your local housing office and fill in an application form. If you have someone living with you or family living close by who can help you, we may not consider you for this scheme.

Home Support

You may also need help around the house. Please contact your local social work office for details about homehelp and other services.

Can I move to a house that is more suited to my needs?

If your home no longer meets your needs you can move to a house with a layout that is more suitable.

You can move to:

  • ground-floor accommodation
  • housing suitable for someone who uses a wheelchair
  • amenity housing (housing that has enhanced accessibility and is suitable for someone age 60 or over or someone with a disability)
  • sheltered plus (housing for people aged over 60 that require some support)
  • retirement housing(housing for people aged 60 or over)

We, and other housing providers, own these types of properties throughout North Lanarkshire. If you want to move house because of health needs, please fill out a Health and Housing Support Needs assessment form.

We may contact your doctor or consultant, if necessary, for more information.

Page last updated:
15 Aug 2022

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