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Housing Annual Performance Report 2019/20

Housing quality and maintenance 2019/20

Outcome 4 Quality of Housing and Outcome 5 Repairs, Maintenance and Improvement

We are committed to ensuring all our tenants live in a home that is warm, safe and in good condition. This is supported by the Charter which requires us to show how well our homes meet national quality standards, with good standards of service and choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                

The improvement in our performance over the last three years is demonstrated in the table below. The results from in house satisfaction surveys during 2019/20 demonstrate that 97% of customers are satisfied with the service they received.

There was a significant increase in those responding neither satisfied not unsatisfied, which has resulted in a lower percentage this year. 

When reviewing the data, only 0.48% of tenants were dissatisfied with the repairs service, this is actually an improvement from previous years.  We are performing very well against the Scottish Local Authority average across all areas.  

Description of Indicator 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 LA Average 19/20 NLC performance direction
Percentage of stock meeting the SHQS 95.50% 97.90% 98.83% 94.9% Improved
Percentage of tenants satisfied with the quality of their home 79.30% 92.00% 92.00% 80.5% Improved
Average length of time to complete emergency repairs (hours) 5 hours 4.4 hours 4.2 hours 4.3 hours Improved
Average length of time to complete non-emergency repairs (days) 7.3 hours 7.7 hours 6.9 hours 7.3 hours Improved
Percentage of reactive repairs completed right first time 97.30% 97.60% 98.30% 91.8% Improved
Percentage satisfied with repairs service 96.6% 98.6% 97.0% 89.5% Not Improved
Number of gas safety regulations not met 0 0 0 288 Improved
Percentage of Properties meeting EESSH 74.6% 79.3% 87.3% 84.1% Improved

We spend £43 million each year on reactive repairs and maintenance to your homes. More information on reactive and planned maintenance and how to report repairs, can be found in Housing Repairs .

During 2020/21, we are planning to invest over £40m on work to your homes through our Capital Investment ProgrammePlanned investment has been reduced this year due to restrictions caused by Covid-19 however we intend to ensure this planned investment is still undertaken in future years.  Expenditure on capital programme works includes smoke and heat detectors, windows, roof and render, kitchens and bathrooms, controlled door entry, lead water pipe replacements and energy efficient heating systems. 

A number of improvements under our Tower Strategy are also planned for our tower blocks, including new fire doors, smoke detection, fire-stopping, installation of sprinklers and fire safety checks. In addition to the above, major refurbishment to Blairgrove, Merryston, Glen and Millbrae Tower are being currently being delivered to modernise the blocks and improve fire safety.  

You said, we did…
You said... We did…
You wanted repairs appointment reminders via SMS We are working on moving our repairs letters to SMS reminders prior to the scheduled appointment times.  We will keep you informed of the pilot when complete.
You wanted more choice in providing feedback on completed investment work We have moved towards electronic data capture of surveys as part of the investment programme to capture service improvement.

Impact of Covid-19

Mobile technology was in full use where available, with plans to extend this further.  We have adapted well to working from home due to established mobile working arrangements.  Officers carrying out essential site visits were all provided with suitable PPE in line with Scottish Government Guidance.  Virtual meetings were also used to continue to communicate with our contractors to ensure performance and budget planning continued through this period.  Tender assessments of contracts and awards were also carried out and completed.

  • Emergency repairs continued to be carried out as usual, which increased due to non-emergency works being cancelled
  • Non-emergency repairs and planned works had been suspended, with the exception of 24 hour non-emergency gas safety repair work
  • Essential safety maintenance of systems has continued as usual, such as lift, laundry, communal lighting, CCTV, fire alarm, sprinkler and warden call systems
  • A new process was created to sanitise voids prior to work starting in the property. The properties are all re-sanitised when viewings are set to take place.

 Further information can be found within our Housing Investment Programme.

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15 Dec 2020

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