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Scottish Housing Regulator

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) is an independent regulator of Registered Social Landlords (RSL) and local authority housing services in Scotland.

The regulator was established on 1 April 2011 under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 to protect tenants' interests and those of other service users, ensuring that good quality social housing continues to be provided.

The Scottish Social Housing Charter (SSHC)

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 sets standards and outcomes which social landlords should aim to achieve, and to publish these in a Scottish Social Housing Charter. It is the landlord's responsibility to meet outcomes and standards and report this information to tenants, homeless people and other service users.

Annual Return on the Charter (ARC)

All social landlords must provide the SHR with information on their performance in achieving the outcomes and standards in the Charter. The SHR uses the landlords' ARC to report on progress in achieving the Charter outcomes and standards and use this information to inform their regulatory assessments.

Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) Landlords Report

Each year the SHR publishes performance information to allow tenants, homeless people, other service users, other landlords, funders and policymakers to understand and compare landlords performance in achieving the Charter outcomes and standards. The Landlord Report will provide further information on our performance.

Annual Performance Report

Each year, by 31 October, all landlords must publish their performance information for tenants. The content and design of our annual performance report is developed in partnership with tenants and residents.

Annual Assurance Statement

As part of the new Regulatory Framework, landlords must consider the standards and outcomes for tenants, people who are homeless and others who use our services.

Each year landlords must assess their performance and provide an update to the Scottish Housing Regulator, giving assurance against the following:

  • the regulatory requirements set out in Chapter 3 of the Regulatory Framework
  • all relevant standards and outcomes in the Scottish Social Housing Charter
  • all relevant legislative duties

A copy of our Annual Assurance Statement is available to download on the regulators website.

Significant Performance Failures

A Significant Performance Failure is something that your landlord does, or fails to do, that puts the interests of its tenants at risk. This is something that does, or could, affect all of your landlord's tenants.

If your landlord does not deal with the failure, you can contact the Scottish Housing Regulator. Their Significant Performance Failures factsheet provides more information on what you should do and how to raise your concerns with them. 

Please access the form below on the Scottish Housing Regulator website.

Page last updated:
07 Dec 2021

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