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House letting standard

The repair standard to expect when moving into a new house

As our tenant, we'll make sure your new home is clean, wind and watertight with fixtures and fittings working as they should.

We've set ourselves a Scottish Housing Quality + Letting Standard. This is what you can expect from your new home.

We aim to complete all the necessary repairs before any tenant occupies a property. However, we may have to carry out some less urgent external repairs after the property is accepted. 

These repairs will be added to the appropriate planned/capital programme of works. This is to make sure that we are maximising the occupancy of our properties.

While the property is empty, we will carry out work to make sure it is habitable. We normally make major upgrades within an agreed programme.

The Scottish Housing Quality + Letting Standard (SHQS+) 

Inside your home

  • we will ensure that your home will be empty, clean and ready for occupancy
  • internal doors will be fully operable
  • all walls, skirting and facings will be of an acceptable decorative standard
  • floor areas will be prepared to allow the application of floor coverings


  • the kitchen will have the appropriate space for a cooker, fridge and washing machine
  • the kitchen will have six electrical output points
  • the kitchen layout will be safe and operable
  • there will be adequate kitchen storage
  • kitchen will be in a good usable condition


  • all sanitary wear will be in good working order
  • hand washing facilities
  • one form of bathing facilities


  • the electric, gas supplies in the property will be checked and appropriately certified
  • smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will be present and tested
  • all locks in the property will be checked and repaired if necessary
  • mechanical ventilation will be provided if there are any historical issues with condensation

Energy efficiency

  • the heating system will be efficient and in good working order
  • the property will have an Energy Performance Certificate
  • the property will be appropriately insulated

Outside your home

  • the roof structure and roof tiles/ridge tiles will be in a good condition
  • all guttering and down pipes will be in good working order
  • drains, including waste outlets, will be clean and free from obstruction
  • the external fabric of the building will be in good condition
  • windows and doors will be in good condition and will operate without difficulty and fitted with required locking mechanisms
  • footpaths within the boundary of the property will be in a good/safe condition
  • boundary fences, walls and gates will be in a good condition
  • common areas will be safe and in good condition
  • communal drying areas will be available for all walk up flatted properties
  • adequate lighting outside flats, whether from street lighting or lighting fitted to the common building
  • access decks and balustrades will be safe and in good condition
  • balconies and verandas will be safe and in good condition
  • common windows and roof lights will be in good usable condition
  • door entry system will be in good and fully operable
  • refuse areas will be in good state of repair


Page last updated:
24 Mar 2023

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