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Gypsy/Travellers unauthorised encampments

In line with Scottish Government Guidance, we consider Gypsy/Travellers to be a minority ethnic community. We recognise Gypsy/Travellers right to a nomadic life and respect that Gypsy/Travellers may wish to maintain a travelling way of life as part of their cultural identity. There should be no discrimination against Gypsy/Travellers because of their way of life or culture.

Our policy on Managing Unauthorised Encampments outlines our roles and responsibilities, and the process that should be followed when managing an unauthorised encampment.

Responsibility for managing unauthorised encampments

The Community Safety Hub has responsibility for managing any unauthorised encampments located on local authority land. Our officers will also visit any encampments on private land to support both the residents and landowner throughout the duration of the encampment. The officers from the Community Safety Hub will:

  • Coordinate our response to unauthorised sites, visit the encampment and continue to liaise with residents throughout their stay
  • Engage with the Gypsy/Travellers, agreeing a departure date
  • record details of each household and provide information on a variety of services (Housing/Homelessness, access to health services, education, recycling and waste management etc)
  • Identify any support needs and signpost or refer to other partners including NHS Lanarkshire, Education for additional assistance if required
  • Deal with enquiries from members of the public, landowners, elected members, MPs and MSPs
  • Prepare cases for eviction and refer to Legal Services for action, where appropriate (local authority land only)
  • Work with and support land owners to minimise issues arising from unauthorised sites
  • Collate statistical information and produce quarterly reports for the Gypsy Travellers Strategic Liaison Group and Gypsy/Travellers Operations Sub Group

Policy on managing unauthorised encampments

Report an encampment

If you want to report an unauthorised encampment within North Lanarkshire or would like further information, please email

Page last updated:
10 Aug 2022

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