Works without building warrant

Late application for building warrant / late completion certificate submission and work that doesn't need a building warrant

It is an offence for anyone to carry out work that requires building warrant consent without first obtaining a building warrant. 

To confirm that work is exempt and / or does not need a building warrant, please submit;

Unauthorised work completed after 1 May 2005 will be the subject of either a late application for warrant or a late completion certificate submission. This consent usually needs to be in place to allow you to sell your property:

  • Where work for that requires building warrant consent and has started without a warrant, a late application for warrant may be made; or
  • Where work for that requires building warrant consent has been completed without a warrant, a late completion certificate may be made.

You can apply online at

Both the application for late warrant and late completion certificate must be accompanied by plans and specification details equivalent to those for building warrant applications and an increased fee will be charged. Please see building warrant fee to calculate the cost. The time scales to process these type of application will be the same as processing a building warrant application, where a check for approval will be made within 20 working days.  

It may be necessary to carry out a disruptive survey and/or remedial work to ensure all work meets relevant standards.

pdf icon Clearance Document Application [186kb] can also be submitted for; 

  • unauthorised work completed before 1 May 2005
  • work subject to an expired building warrant submitted before 1 May 2005  

Again, remedial work may be required before we provide a 'letter of comfort' confirming we will not take action in relation to the work.

This is a way of regularising the situation, but it does not remove the fact that an offence has been committed.

Please note; a this does not exempt you form obtaining other types of consent, such as planning permission or listed building consent.

If the work has been carried out to a former North Lanarkshire Council property, you must contact your local housing office to advise them of all changes.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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