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The Plan for North Lanarkshire

pdf icon The Plan for North Lanarkshire [929kb] sets the direction for the council and partners. It's purpose is to communicate the shared priorities and provide a focus for activities and resources.

The Plan for North Lanarkshire is a high level strategic document that outlines a long-term vision for North Lanarkshire - a vision where North Lanarkshire is the place to Live, Learn, Work, Invest, and Visit.

Informed by evidence

An analysis of the area profile shows that North Lanarkshire has seen a number of successes in recent years, but there are also challenges.  This analysis provides the evidence that has informed the direction for The Plan for North Lanarkshire.

While trends show strong improvements in a number of key indicators relating to economic growth, investment, employment, and educational attainment, there are still unacceptably high levels of deprivation and child poverty, and clear areas of inequity and inequality remaining.

This means that not all of North Lanarkshire's people share equally in the improving picture, and there is an element of social exclusion across some of our towns and communities.

Shared ambition

The Plan for North Lanarkshire is therefore a Plan with a vision of inclusive growth and prosperity. It's a Plan with a shared ambition that aims to ensure the benefits that this brings reach all our communities, and there is a fairer distribution of wealth.


To deliver the shared ambition of inclusive growth and prosperity, The Plan comprises five complementary priorities which are to:

  • Improve economic opportunities and outcomes.
  • Support all children and young people to realise their full potential.
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.
  • Enhance participation, capacity, and empowerment across our communities.
  • Improve North Lanarkshire's resource base.
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