Greenhead Moss Community Nature Park

Greenhead Moss Community Nature Park is situated to the east of Wishaw town centre

Perchy Pond LNR

Greenhead Moss Community Nature Park is a 100ha site consisting of many different habitats including ponds, wildflower meadows, remnant raised peat bog, old and new woodlands. These habitats are home to mammals including badger, roe deer and fox with many insects and birds present. Many of these species are included in our .

There is a good  path network throughout the site. Most paths are tarmac and accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Conservation volunteers meet weekly to carry out a range of conservation tasks to help enhance the Nature Park and surrounding sites.  

Perchy Pond within the Park was designated as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in 1989 by Motherwell District Council to protect the pond from future development. In 2013, the remainder of the Greenhead Moss Park was designated as an LNR.

We sometimes hold events at our LNR's - have a look at our What's on page to see if there are any soon.

Greenhead Moss Consultation

Greenspace are looking at access improvements at Greenhead Moss in Wishaw. Particularly in the area around the blue staircase. Unfortunately the staircase has been subject to extensive and on-going vandalism. Despite the efforts of the Countryside Rangers and the local Police this vandalism continues. We are considering removing the staircase and developing alternative access in this area that is better able to withstand damage. The particular on going issues on the blue staircase have been the setting of fires which has warped the steel grate platforms, and broken glass which gets wedged in the gaps in the steel grate.

Associated access improvement plans are shown here.  pdf icon At A Glance [902kb] pdf icon Path Improvements [391kb] These would be taken forward after removal of the staircase to avoid damage to the upgraded surfaces.

Access improvements would develop the existing path through this area. Improvements would include path resurfacing, providing new edging, replacing sleepers on the path and providing culverts instead of sleeper bridges.

We know how well used and valued Greenhead Moss is to the community so we would like your views on the changes we are considering here. The Countryside Rangers have been out in the park talking to people to gather views.

The consultation will close on the 6th of October.  Comments can be provided here:

The next consultation session on Greenhead Moss is on the 4th October by the blue staircase from 5pm to 7pm.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related articles' and 'download'.

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