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Greenspace participatory budgeting

Greenspace participatory budgeting successful ideas

Decide on your favourite project and take a note of the application number before voting.

Successful ideas
Vote 1 Community grass area – Moodiesburn (application 17)  Pleaknowe Crescent, Moodiesburn - idea suggested by local resident to create new habitats by introducing flowers and shrubs into a small triangle area close to their homes which is currently just grass. 
  Rewilding – Craighalbert roundabout to Craigmarloch / Burnhead Road and Cowan Road (application 22)  Idea sent in by local resident to increase plant biodiversity in non-mowed areas, introducing more high pollen, bee friendly flowers, close to roundabouts.   
  Gartcosh Nature Reserve – Glenboig & Gartcosh (application 29) Idea to continue the conservation work in the reserve including identifying areas for additional planting and for replacing existing old and damaged bird and bat boxes. 
  Greenspace restoration – Cumbernauld (application 36) Stonylee Road & Craigieburn Road, North Carbrain, from local Craigieburn community garden group. The idea is to plant up existing old planters with flowers and shrubs to create a nature corridor towards the town centre and Cumbernauld college. 
Vote 2 Rewilding – Glenmavis (application 14)  Glenmavis Community Council suggested project to rewild current grass open spaces within Glenmavis by introducing more wildflowers. 
  Rewilding & pond restoration – Greengairs (application 23)  Hillrigg Allotment Group want to clear an overgrown area, restore a small pond, plant an orchard, and install bird boxes, insect hotels and a wormery to rewild the area around the allotments.  
  Rewilding – Allanton & Shotts (application 25)  Idea from local resident to sow wildflowers to encourage bees, insects, birds, and mammals.  Enable widespread pollination which will widen the areas being rewilded.  The beauty of the countryside would return encouraging conservation and pride in where we live. 
  Habitat improvement – Shotts (application 32) Create more diverse habitats within Vics Park – idea suggested by  Benhar and Kirk Road area group and other other local supporters. There are currently trees around perimeter of park but most of the area is grass.  Idea is to introduce more diverse flower areas, possibly additional tree planting and install bird boxes.   
Vote 3 Shrub & bog garden – Motherwell (application 13)  Increase biodiversity at George Street Park – George Street Park Regeneration Group have suggested planting shrubs including bog species within the local park.  The group want to create a small bog garden in the corner of the park to provide a haven for wildlife and insects.    
  Dalzell Community Area – Motherwell (application 19)  Woodland walk, planting and signage suggested in the area around Dalzell Estate. Opportunity to provide information for visitors on the flora and fauna in the area. Also, where appropriate introduce some planting and restoration to woodland walk. 
  Habitat improvement & signage – Motherwell (application 21) Introduction of bird and bat boxes and additional planting, where appropriate within Shields Glen. Signage to be added to explain the importance of the area and links to Baron’s Haugh and the Clyde walkways. 
Vote 4 Greenhead Nature Reserve – Wishaw (application 6)  Idea to increase the bird and bat boxes across the site to compliment the boxes already there. Ongoing conservation work being carried out on the reserve will further improve the existing habitat. Signage to explain site management measures also requested. 
  Pond remediation and habitat improvements – Craigneuk (application 33)  Habitat improvements including remediation of existing pond close to Wishawhill Woods, towards Ravenscraig. Idea suggested by Glencassels Community Development Project. Temporary pond on site could support a wide range of aquatic life but needs some help to restore it.  Introduction of bird and bat boxes would encourage flying wildlife and would also benefit from increase insect life in the pond. 
  Habitat improvements – Holytown (application 38)  Introduction of new habitats to increase biodiversity within a local greenspace, Windsor Park. This will be beneficial to the environment and address issues associated with climate change. Idea suggested by Bellshill Med Shed, working in partnership with Climate Action Towns.  Create new habitats by planting trees, shrubs, and flowers to improve the existing greenspace and encourage more wildlife. 
  Woodland walk improvement – Newarthill (application 10) Woodland area between Carfin Road and Townhead Drive – idea suggested by Newarthill Community Council. Valuable local area in need of some restoration including removal of fallen and dead trees.  Maintenance of grass verges to improve existing path network to make it safer for walking. Restoration of existing small pond and additional planting.  Some signage for information. 
  We had some ideas for projects across North Lanarkshire, not specific to any one area.  Here are some reasons why you might want to vote for these ideas.
Vote 5 Wildflower meadows (applications 8, 12, 16, 31, 34)  Native wildflower and grass meadows provide valuable food and nesting habitats that attracts insects and other invertebrates including butterflies, bees & spiders.  Meadows can also provide cover for amphibians including newts, frogs, toads, birds and mammals.   Not every area is suitable for wildflower meadows, it can be difficult to get it well established.  Potential sites need to be carefully selected to give the flowers the best chance.  Flowers may grow well for the first year or two, but natural succession can take over if the area in not managed.  Wildflower meadows are not always a colourful array of flowers. It is worth highlighting that some of the common media portrayals of meadows contain flowers that just cannot co-exist together.  Therefore, it is important to remember that the priority will be to help nature and that any meadows planted will contain the appropriate mix of seed to create a species rich grassland.  
  Bird boxes & bat boxes (applications 16 & 26)  Bird and bats can play an important role in regulating pest species particularly insects. Due to changing habitats, climate and human interference, bird and bats are suffering from lack of suitable natural breeding sites.  It is crucial that birds have a suitable nesting space for safety and shelter for them to raise the next generation. Different types of nest boxes will attract different birds.  Bats are one of our most threatened types of mammals in the UK.  Within North Lanarkshire we are fortunate to have recorded 6 species.  Bats need a range of roosting sites, including summer daytime roosts, winter hibernation roosts and breeding sites.  It is illegal to disturb any bat when it is roosting, or to kill, injure or handle a bat without a licence. 
  Tree planting (applications 16, 30 & 37)  Planting trees in the right place can have huge benefits to our environment and for addressing the impacts of climate change.   Trees act as sponges and absorb carbon by removing it from the air and locking it into their wood and roots.  Native trees provide vital habitat and food source for wildlife, birds, and insects.    Trees help to purify the air in our environment by absorbing polluting gases such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia, and sulphur dioxide.  Trees are known as nature’s air conditioners because they can block the sun’s radiation which plays a role in regulating the temperature of our environment.  Tree roots in the soil absorb water and stabilise the ground to reduce the risk of erosion from flooding. 

Map of suggested locations

Please note - in some cases, no specific location for the project has been suggested and the pin only identifies the general area.

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22 Aug 2022

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