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Aggressive dogs

Aggressive or out-of-control dogs

Our Animal Welfare Officers deal with complaints of:

  • aggressive or out-of-control dogs
  • dog-on-dog attacks
  • dogs that are causing fear or alarm

If you have a complaint about an aggressive or out-of-control dog, or if your dog or another pet has been attacked by a dog, we will investigate.

After the investigation, if there is sufficient evidence, the Animal Welfare Officer may serve a Dog Control Notice on the owner of the other dog requiring them to bring the dog under control.

To report a dog, please call the Customer Service Hub on 0345 143 0015.

Dangerous dogs and banned breeds

A dog that has attacked a person is likely to be classed as a "dangerous dog". Police Scotland deal with the Dangerous Dogs legislation so any complaints of a dog attacking a person, or any suspicions that a dog is a banned breed under the legislation, should be reported to Police Scotland by calling 101.

Page last updated:
28 Mar 2022

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