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Vehicle Emission Testing and Vehicle Idling

We carry out Vehicle Emission Testing (VET) and Vehicle Idling campaigns to tackle air pollution caused by road traffic emissions.

Vehicle Emission Testing

We carry out Vehicle Emission Testing (VET) in or near our Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) to help tackle air pollution.

Motorists whose vehicles don't meet legal emissions limits are issued with a £60 fine (waived if drivers can prove their vehicles have been repaired and have passed a further emissions test within 14 days).

Vehicle Idling Campaigns

Drivers who idle their engines for long periods can be served with a £20 fine.

We carry out Vehicle Idling patrols throughout the year in areas where idling often takes place, such as outside schools. Drivers who do not switch off their engines when asked can be subject to the fine.

Page last updated:
14 Sep 2020

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