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Skills and employment fund

This has been delivered through working matters - a scheme aimed at getting people back into work.

What we have been doing to get people back into work

As well as the infrastructure projects we are delivering through City Deal, we have also reduced unemployment and looked to ensure unemployed people benefited from job opportunities that will result from these.

To ensure this happened, we have been involved in Working Matters to boost employment and earnings and the information on this page will let you know about them.

Working Matters

This scheme is delivered through the City Deals employability strand and supported those receiving the health related benefit, Employment Support Allowance get back into work, and progress within the labour market.

Within North Lanarkshire we co-ordinated things and delivering it through Routes to Work.

What where our targets?

Within our area the number of potential clients we are required to engage with is 462, and we have a target of getting 69 into employment. The Department of Work and Pensions refer people to us, and in order for this to work effective engagement with clients is vital as it is voluntary for participants to take part.

So far we have engaged with 400 participants and supported 76 back into employment, which is 110% of our target

Referrals in March 2018 with existing participants being supported until March 2019.

Working Matters Progress

Was also delivered through the City Deals employability strand and followed on from Working Matters. 

Working Matters Progress was delivered until March 2020 and aimed to provide support to people who were involved in the justice system in North Lanarkshire. 

What we did

We engaged with 61 people with 17 gaining qualifications and five moving into employment, this was paused due to lockdown. We continued to engage with people during this period.

We will continue to support them via our main employability scheme, with them hopefully getting further qualifications and jobs.

What did Working Matters Progress do?

Like Working Matters, this scheme has provided wider benefits in the areas of health, well-being, quality of life and economic activity, with the following outcomes:

  • a reduction on the benefit bill, including those like housing and council tax benefits
  • reduced strain and costs on other public services, such as health and social care
  • an increase in the employment rate
  • reduction in levels of economic inactivity across the city-region

How much did Working Matters Progress cost?

The overall cost was £88,000 with £59,000 provided by the Department of Work and Pensions.

We provided the remainder of the funding.

How was Working Matters Progress delivered?

This has been delivered by our arm’s length company - Routes to Work Ltd.

We continue to play an active role in the City Region’s Skills and Employment Working Group.

We also look forward to playing an active role in future employability schemes which can benefit the area.

Page last updated:
21 Oct 2020

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