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Investment programme 2022-23

Major repairs

The main area of investment is roofing and re-rendering homes, but major repairs include a number of works such as solving drainage problems for tenants and rebuilding retaining walls.

We select properties for the roofing and rendering programmes based on:

  • the condition of the existing roof and render
  • the age of the property

As part of these works, where appropriate, we will also install new cavity wall insulation and fit a canopy above front doors.

During 2022/23, we are carrying out works throughout North Lanarkshire. 

If your home is included in a programme, we will contact you in writing to let you know what is planned for your home. 

If you are an owner-occupier or private landlord of a flat in a block that's part of our roofing or rendering programme, we'll contact you about taking part.

As well as carrying out works to our own properties, we also install external wall insulation to privately owned properties through funding provided by the Scottish Government’s Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland (HEEPS).

If you are a private homeowner or landlord and have been included in a programme, you will be contacted with details of any works that will take place.  

The following short video showcases the achievements we are making in partnership with Procast at various sites across North Lanarkshire towards our Net Zero targets.

Ongoing works such as external wall insulation, new roofs, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, which converts sunlight into electrical energy, and the new pilot Tesla battery system can all make a big difference towards carbon savings, energy production and improved SAP ratings for energy costs.

Video file
Netherton and Airdrie roof and render programme

Page last updated:
24 Aug 2022

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