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We have a positive plan for North Lanarkshire, its businesses and its people, boosting the local economy and creating jobs. 

We had one of the fastest growing economies in Scotland before the health emergency and a new independent report shows that we're one of the best-placed councils to withstand the economic impact of coronavirus. 

We still plan to invest £3.5billlion over the next 10 years, which, along with private sector inward investment, will create around 12,000 jobs and generate an additional £1billion for the local economy.

The Place, The Vision

Find out more about The Place, The Vision, our ambitious plans for North Lanarkshire: 

The Place, The Vision - update, 30 September 2021

Towns and communities in North Lanarkshire will benefit from £1.243 billion investment over the next five years to transform them into vibrant, thriving, sustainable places.

Local people are at the heart of the ambitious vision and regeneration plans that will radically change our eight town centres and how we live in them, create multi-million pound mixed-use town and community hubs and remodel our three country parks. 

The scale of the place-based investment has continued at pace over the last year and also finances wider community projects including essential infrastructure, the digital economy and connectivity and new-build housing, while maintaining our current homes, buildings and facilities.

Councillor Jim Logue, Leader of North Lanarkshire Council, said, “Over the next five years, we are investing £1.2 billion in creating town and community hubs, in our country parks, and in essential infrastructure and housing to help create a sustainable future for town centres that will benefit people and communities across North Lanarkshire.

“The draft visions for our town centres bring a tangible reality to the outline concepts and these will be developed with our communities, for our communities, so that we are creating vibrant, safe, resilient places where people are supported at all stages of their life and businesses can thrive." 

Take a look at this video below. 

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The Place The Vision - Progress update January 2021

Our plan outlines a programme of place-based investment that aims to address the range of different economic, social, and health issues that exist. We need to reshape our towns to focus on to a broader mix of investment, and promoting town centre living so our towns have a sustainable future. This will include our commitment to reduce carbon emissions and support renewable energies.

The council can bring about this change by positioning local services in towns and communities. We've got one of the most ambitious council house new build programmes in Scotland, with the aim supplying 5000 homes by 2035, with many of the developments being in town centres.

Schools represent our biggest investment in infrastructure and we are committed to replacing every establishment not replaced or remodelled since 1996. Integrated town hubs and the smaller community hubs will modernise the school estate and offer multiple services from the council and our partners, including the third sector.

We also aim to transform our three country parks into attractive and sustainable venues for people to enjoy and become outstanding visitor destinations. Significant planning and investment is already underway for each location. 

And you have a big part to play in this investment. We will be asking you what you think and you will have a central role to play in decision-making about the future of your community.

Working together, we can support North Lanarkshire to recover from the health emergency and build a vibrant future.

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30 Sep 2021

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