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Earth Hour competition

The UN Conference of Parties (COP26) will be hosted in Glasgow in November 2021. 

In recognition of the significance of COP26 and to celebrate its hosting within our city region, the council will celebrate its own events leading up to November. Due to COVID-19, the working party has only reconvened, however we have agreed that Earth Hour would be an appropriate occasion to launch our activities.

Last year we ran a schools’ art competition and felt that it would be good to host a similar activity in 2021. Creativity is very much part of the mindset of climate change and sustainability in Scotland. Creative Carbon Scotland is an example of this and are regularly invited to forums to stimulate the inner creativity to benefit discussion.

To celebrate our school children’s creative side, we intend to host a competition where submissions can either be a short poem or a picture. Submissions this year can only be received digitally. We intend to include all winning submissions in a short video which will be launched the week of Earth Hour.

The competition will be loaded on to the virtual classroom platform by 25 January and we encourage all primary and secondary schools to promote the competition via their social media accounts. A reminder will be sent out a week before the competition is due to close. 

Earth Hour competition

Competition details

Scotland has declared a climate emergency and in North Lanarkshire we have a target of net ZERO carbon emissions by 2030. The Scottish Government has just issued their new climate change plan and in it there are themes that will lower carbon emissions:

  • Waste and recycling
  • Transport and electric vehicles
  • Low carbon heating for homes and buildings
  • Renewables and energy Woodland, peatland and biodiversity (nature)
  • Active travel (walking, cycling)
  • Climate change adaptation: how do we cope with the changing weather 

This year the competition is about climate change. This means entries can be about the causes of climate change or what we are doing to make things better. We want you to create a picture or a short poem. You can use the Scottish Government themes if you like to help you decide what you want to do. Your entry can be about one key message for example ‘reduce waste – save tonnes of carbon’ or it can be about several things. Or, it can be to celebrate COP26 and what this means for the planet.

The winning entries will be made into a video that will be launched the week leading up to Earth Hour. The entries will need to be emailed in this year so please consider the how you will do this.

  • Competition closes on 27 February and submissions should be emailed directly to
  • The competition is open to both primary school and high school pupils
  • Submissions can be from individual pupils or groups
  • The work must be the original work of the pupil(s)
  • The work must not be political nor target any specific named brands/businesses
  • If submitting a poem, it can be handwritten or typed
  • When emailing please provide: name of entrants, age and school 

Eco Schools

This is a good opportunity to raise awareness about Eco Schools. In North Lanarkshire, of the 171 schools and centres, 61 have a current Eco Flag with some having lapsed.

To help us embed climate change within our curriculum and if you are not currently an Eco School, please consider making a pledge to become one. It would be great to see the proportion of our Eco Schools increase this year.

Page last updated:
14 Jan 2021

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