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Strike Action Suspended

Intended strike action on 26-28 September has been suspended. 

All schools and early learning centres will be open from Tuesday 26 September 2023. 

Active literacy materials

Active literacy pack stage 1 cost - £170

This pack is aimed at teachers of Primary 1. It is intended to support their understanding of the Active Literacy approach and provides teachers with clear methodologies and strategies for learning and teaching.

There are seven manuals

Principles and practices of active literacy

This manual provides a rationale and overview of the components of the Active Literacy programme and how the programme is linked to Curriculum for Excellence. There is also a brief summary of each manual.

Teaching phonics, comprehension and guided reading

A specific programme is provided for the teaching of phonics for each term. Guidance is also provided for before, during and after reading activities designed to improve pupils' comprehension. The manual also provides strategies for developing word attack skills.

Teaching writing

This manual provides strategies for teachers to implement the teaching of writing. It provides advice and guidance for P1 teachers on how to:

  • use and develop a storyline
  • use the outdoor environment
  • provide opportunities for daily writing
  • write across the curriculum

Partner spelling and dictation

This manual provides methods on how to develop interactive and enquiry-based approaches to the teaching of spelling. The programme includes many of the common words and encourages children to work and learn collaboratively. 

Integrated storytelling

This provides a storytelling context using well-known traditional tales, and has a clear link with play, storytelling, expressive arts and daily writing.

Using the classroom environment

This manual provides ideas to create a literacy-rich classroom.

Links with play and early years’ experience

This manual supports the main messages from Curriculum for Excellence for Early Years and outlines the active, experiential learning of nursery to ensure a smooth transition and progression into P1.

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15 Jun 2022

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