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Active literacy materials

Active literacy pack stage 4/5 cost - £150

This pack is aimed at teachers of Primary 4 and/or 5. It is intended to support their understanding of the Active Literacy approach and provides teachers with clear methodologies and strategies for learning and teaching.

There are three manuals

From phonics into spelling, a problem-solving approach

This manual provides guidance for teachers and outlines the progressive programme which encourages children to be actively involved in their own learning using their prior knowledge of phonics. The accompanying CD ROM offers further opportunities for a range of interactive spelling activities.

Teaching writing across learning

This manual provides methods in the teaching of writing across a variety of genres. The manual explains steps involved in the writing process and includes annotated models of writing.

Teaching reading, higher-order thinking and critical literacy

This manual assists teachers to teach reading in an active and motivating way. Within the manual a four-day reading programme is outlined where children are taught to apply six key comprehension strategies across learning.

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18 Apr 2024

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