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NL Digital School

Our Digital School has been established to promote and support digital learning across North Lanarkshire.

This has included:

  • Digital divide experienced by young people - develop equity of access to technology and connectivity to engage in learning experiences from home.
  • Communication to families - develop guidance and communications to support families to create a learning environment at home.
  • Career-Long Professional Learning - further develop training programmes to enhance the skills knowledge and confidence of staff in delivering learning digitally.
  • Curriculum - in line with North Lanarkshire’s curriculum review align current digital learning and activities to ensure a consistent and progressive curriculum. This has included moving North Lanarkshire’s senior phase consortium arrangements to a digital platform
  • Digital Data - develop systems to track use of and engagement with digital learning experiences to inform school improvement and learner journeys

Digital technology is already recognised as making a significant contribution to current learning and teaching practices. When used appropriately and, with all stakeholders being supported, digital technology can enrich learning and teaching, help to raise levels of attainment, and close the attainment gap.

The aim of the Digital School is to support schools and families on how to use the digital tools we currently have available and to also establish a digital pedagogy that engages learners and delivers a high-quality learning experience for all. 

Page last updated:
31 Aug 2023

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