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Lanarkshire Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

How does MAPPA work?

Making the referral

MAPPA is a tiered framework, based on three inter-connected levels at which risk of harm is assessed and managed. 

Before someone is referred to MAPPA, there will already be joint working arrangements in place.

In the community 

Usually, the police and social work will complete a joint risk assessment, which could be used to inform the Social Enquiry Report. 

The report will include a suggested level of entry to MAPPA  and a referral would be made to the MAPPA Co-ordinator at the point of sentence, if the offender is remaining in the community.

In prison

If the offender is in prison, the offender will be assessed in line with the Integrated Case Management (ICM) process and, where necessary, an advance notification will be made to the MAPPA Co-ordinator of the suggested level of entry to MAPPA. 

The referral should be made to the co-ordinator with sufficient time to allow any risk management action plans to be put in place.

Page last updated:
27 Aug 2020

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