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Grass cutting

Advice for residents on maintaining areas of land that the council doesn't own.

We currently maintain a large number of grass and landscaped areas in local communities.

In 2020, the council decided not to cut areas of grass across North Lanarkshire which were not in its ownership. This decision was taken because of ongoing reductions to our annual budget which mean that we can’t continue to provide some services to the levels of previous years.

After the final grass cut of October 2020, landowners became responsible for the maintenance of areas not owned by the council.

In 2021, a one-off cut was carried out as the council recognised that some residents and landowners may have had difficulty in finding suitable alternatives as a result of the impact of the COVID-19.

However, in 2022 it is important that in areas where the grass is no longer cut by the council, residents make alternative arrangements.

What you need to do

Use our online location map to find out where we will no longer cut the grass.

If any of these locations are near your property and you want them to be maintained in future, you will firstly need to find out who is the landowner.

You can do this by

If the area of land is part of your property, there are a number of options:

  • you can maintain the land yourself
  • arrange for a company to maintain the land for you, or
  • decide not to maintain the land in future.

If you decide not to take any action to maintain land within your property, its condition and any resulting issues would be your responsibility.

If the land is owned jointly by you and other neighbouring properties, you could arrange for a factor to manage the maintenance on your behalf. This would involve each responsible landowner contributing towards the cost of the maintenance work.

You can find information on how to appoint a factor at:

We appreciate that these areas of land have historically been maintained by the council and our decision may have an impact on you and your neighbours. We understand this is frustrating, however, in the current financial situation, we are simply unable to continue to provide this service. Any savings made will be reinvested in other vital services.

Page last updated:
06 Dec 2022

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