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Email disclaimer

Every email we send has a disclaimer at the bottom of the message. This also covers any files attached to the email. It explains responsibilities - both ours and the person(s) we send the email to - for the following.


 If you receive an email by mistake, please:

  • tell the sender straight away, and
  • delete it along with any other copies in your systems.

Only use email we send for its intended purpose. You must get our explicit permission to use, share, store or copy any part of it in any other way.

Legal limits

The views or opinions in the email may not be those of North Lanarkshire Council. They do not legally bind the council in any way.

Information management

We check all email in our systems to make sure it’s in line with our policies. We may have to release email - along with responses to it - under freedom of information legislation.

Information security

We check email for viruses. We recommend you do too. We’re not responsible for any damage or loss caused by receiving email from us.

Further information

Visit our Contact us page to request a service, make a payment or find information on our website.

If you have questions about this disclaimer, email 

Page last updated:
04 Dec 2023

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