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Discretionary housing payments

How a payment is made

When would a discretionary housing payment not be considered?

Discretionary housing payments cannot be considered if they are to cover:

  • ineligible service or support charges
  • any rent liability if you are entitled to council tax reduction only
  • any council tax liability
  • an increase in rent to cover rent arrears
  • reductions in any benefit as a result of jobseekers/child support sanctions or sanctions following certain benefit related offences
  • when housing and/or council tax benefit has been suspended

How is payment made?

If we decide you qualify we will notify you in writing and payment will be made in the manner you currently receive benefit:

  • if you rent from a private landlord or housing association the extra money will be paid in your regular payment
  • if you rent from us, the money will be paid into your rent account

We may review your reward within a stated time period.

Review process

There is no statutory right of appeal against a decision made in respect of a DHP application. However an applicant can ask for a decision to be reviewed if they feel aggrieved by:

  • A refusal to award DHP
  • The amount of DHP awarded

A request for review should be made in writing within one calendar month from the date of decision. The decision will be reconsidered by an Officer not involved in the original assessment.

Page last updated:
10 Dec 2020

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