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Living safely with less

The cost of living crisis is likely to have an impact on the safety of our residents in a number of ways. From fire and health risks to becoming the victim of a fraudster or an online scam, read on for details of how to protect yourself from physical and financial harm.

safety during cost of living crisis

Financial safety

Sadly, the increased financial hardship faced by many as a result of the current crisis makes us more vulnerable to scams and unfair practices, particularly via phone, text, email and consumer websites.

The council and the police who have a key role to play in keeping UK consumers safe when shopping online, are already warning of a sharp rise in criminal activity and are urging consumers to take particular care in the run up to Christmas.

Victims of fraud

If you have already suffered at the hands of a fraudster, Victim Support Scotland offer free and confidential support.

If you haven’t already, you should consider reporting the crime to the Police, who may be able to pursue the issue or already be aware of a spate of similar crimes and of who might be responsible.

Fire safety

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has urged us all to stay fire safe as the weather turns colder and households look to keep warm and cut energy bills.

Rising costs are likely to encourage some of us to look at alternative ways of heating and lighting our homes. Some alternatives may result in accidental fires and fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. Safety warnings include:

  • Never use camping stoves and barbeques indoors
  • If you have a woodburning stove or open fire make sure you are using the correct fuel
  • Do not use a chimney that has not been checked for blockages
  • Use candles safely or ideally use LED lights/torches instead
  • If you are using an old or unfamiliar heater, get it checked for safety first

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include tiredness, confusion, nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness and death. If you feel you are being affected, leave the building you are in, get to fresh air, seek medical attention and don't return to the building until you have sought advice.

Further advice on fire safety

Safeguarding your health

The cost-of-living crisis is likely to take a toll on the health of many of us, whether it's a small rise in stress levels, financial problems, an inability to stay warm and well fed or worse, our physical health may be compromised.

It's easy to put ourselves last when we have others to think about but staying healthy is one of the basic building blocks that allows us to live our lives and take care of everything else. Visit our living healthily with less page for ideas on how to keep well.

Page last updated:
07 Nov 2023

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