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Business waste bin types and sizes

Bin sizes

Our wheeled bins and containers come in a range of sizes:

  • 140 litres
  • 240 litres
  • 360 litres
  • 660 litres
  • 1100 litres 

The 1100-litre bins are manufactured from pressed steel and have lockable lids that ensure the security of the waste and minimise spillage.

Please note:

  • Only bins purchased from North Lanarkshire Council can be serviced.
  • Bins should be presented at the kerbside by 7am on your allocated collection day and removed from the pavement as soon after collection as possible.
  • To service your bins, lids must be closed. 
  • Bins will not be uplifted if they are contaminated with other waste types.

Dry mixed recycling

We collect the following waste types:


  • aluminium and steel cans
  • card and paper
  • cardboard (please flatten)
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • plastic bottles

Not acceptable 

  • used paper towels or hankies
  • black bin bags
  • carrier bags
  • foil, plastic film or clingfilm
  • food waste
  • electrical items
  • glass bottles
  • waxed or polystyrene cups & straws



  • wine bottles
  • beer/lager bottles
  • sauce bottles
  • jam jars
  • coffee jars

Not acceptable

  • pyrex, ceramics
  • cups/drinking glasses
  • crockery
  • light Bulbs

Food waste


  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • pasta and rice
  • meat and fish
  • fruit and veg
  • dairy
  • bread
  • bones

Not acceptable

  • packaging
  • cutlery or food trays
  • shells
  • general waste, glass or plastic bags

Everything else is general waste.

Page last updated:
21 May 2024

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