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What goes in my blue bin?

Your blue bin is for paper, card and cardboard products only.

This includes:

  • paper, shredded paper, newspapers, magazines and envelopes - remove the plastic window from envelopes first
  • phone books and catalogues
  • greetings cards - remove any ribbons or decorations
  • cereal boxes and other card products
  • all corrugated cardboard

Wallpaper, kitchen roll, tissue paper and takeaway cups are not recyclable so should be put in your grey household waste bin.

Please flatten items where possible and always place them in loosely as we cannot accept any type of plastic bag in the blue bin.

We can't accept:

  • tissues, napkins or kitchen towel
  • padded envelopes or wallpaper
  • wrapping paper
  • hardback books or disposable cups
  • paper or cardboard contaminated with food, for example fast food wrappers or pizza boxes

As pizza boxes are usually stained with oil and food, this affects the quality of the cardboard, so they cannot be recycled. If the box lid has no food traces on it, you can tear the lid off and place it in the blue bin. Otherwise, please place the whole box in your general waste bin.

Please make sure that the correct materials are placed into the bin as we won't be able to empty your bin if it contains the wrong material.

The bin will be collected on a three-weekly cycle.

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Page last updated:
14 Apr 2022

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