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Register a death

To register a death you need to make an appointment at one of our registration offices within eight days of the person dying.

If the person died in Scotland you can register their death at any registration office in Scotland.  If the person died somewhere else in the UK or abroad you must register the death in that country.

Documents to bring

  • medical certificate from the hospital or doctor with the cause of death
  • birth and marriage or civil partnership certificate of the person who has died, if you have them
  • NHS medical card, if this is available
  • their husband, wife or civil partner's date of birth
  • a list of businesses that you will need death certificates for, for example banks, pension providers, insurance companies

Tell Us Once

This is a service which makes it easier for you to contact government departments and council services to tell them when someone has died. You can just tell us and we will contact them for you. 

To use the service please bring along these additional documents to the appointment:

  • national insurance number
  • passport 
  • driving licence
  • blue badge
  • details of any benefits or services they were receiving
  • dates of any recent stays in hospital, care home or hospice

Documents we will issue

  • short version of the person's death certificate, which is free of charge
  • form for the undertaker, which is free of charge
  • full version of the person's death certificate, which costs £10

If you do not use the Tell Us Once service to tell the department for Work and pensions we will give you a BD8 Form so you can notify them yourself.  This is free of charge.

Out of hours/emergency contact

Please call 07985 330371.

Page last updated:
30 Nov 2021

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