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Rent deposit guarantee scheme

Helping people who want to live in the private rented sector

The Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme (or RDG scheme) provides a 'guarantee' on behalf of the tenant to the private landlord. The guarantee is to help you if you want to live in the private rented sector but can't raise the cash deposit yourself.

The RDG scheme is open to applicants:

  • seeking accommodation in North Lanarkshire
  • aged 16 years and over who have a level of housing need.
  • unable to raise the deposit on their own.
  • that can meet the monthly rental costs.

Details of the scheme can be found on the Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme leaflet or by contacting your local housing office for further information. 

Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme leaflet

A housing advisor will complete a Housing Options Interview to establish that the scheme is affordable and sustainable for you, or if there are more suitable housing options available to you.  

We will provide help to ensure that your income is maximised and where required, help you to apply for benefits that you may be entitled to.

The deposit is equal in value to one month's rent. If you claim housing benefit, then the deposit will be set at the Local Housing Allowance Rate per bedroom you need up to a four-bedroom property.  

The rent deposit guarantee will last for a minimum of twelve months. This can be renewed depending on the circumstances and with agreement from both you as the tenant and the landlord.

The rent deposit will only be paid out if you leave without giving four weeks’ notice or property damage has occurred and is not covered by insurance. Any claim is limited to the value of the deposit guarantee.

All private landlords letting residential property in Scotland must register in the register of landlords. Landlord Registration is an essential criterion of the RDG scheme.

The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016 introduced a new tenancy arrangement known as the Private Residential Tenancy. 

Page last updated:
20 Jul 2023

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