Fostering, adopting and looked after children

Everyday heroes wanted

We have local children of all ages living in your communities who need your help right now. For some the need is temporary and short term, but for others it is long term or permanent. These children are no longer able to live with their family for a variety of reasons. So they desperately need someone who can nurture them, providing a stable and secure family home.

You don't need to be superhuman to become a hero in the eyes of these children. It's all about the everyday things. More than anything you need to be there for them and care. And you won't be on your own. With our support team on hand to offer all the practical assistance, training and any advice you might need and with more and more children needing care every day, now's the time to act.

Use the links below to:

  • learn more about the different types of care a child may need;
  • find out about the process of becoming a carer; and to
  • request that information is sent out to you or make a formal enquiry.
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