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Free school meals

For all primary 1 to 3 pupils

Free school meals

ALL Primary 1 to Primary 3 pupils are entitled to receive a free school meal.

This is available in all primary schools automatically with no eligibility criteria linked to benefits.

Any child entitled to a free school meal can choose to have a packed lunch from school even if they want to take this home to eat at lunch time.  
Alternatively your child can top up their packed lunch with a free soup, fruit, milk or water.

Free school meals in a primary school could save you approximately £342 per academic year. 

A three-week Primary menu cycle is available and a pre-order system operates in most schools to ensure that all pupils get their choice of meal.

Special diets are available as part of the Primary 1 to Primary 3 free school meals and should be requested using the word icon special diet form [213kb].

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