Occupational therapy

Working with people to help them achieve as much as they can and get the most out of life

They are one of a group of professionals called Allied Health Professions (AHP) and require to be registered with the Health Professions Council in order to work within the UK. They are the only AHP group who work both in health and social work services.

Occupational therapy has a unique philosophy that acknowledges the link between what people do and their health and wellbeing.

If an individual can't do what is important to them, either due to physical or mental illness, ageing, disability or being socially excluded, their health and wellbeing can suffer.

Occupational therapists address this by enabling individuals to find alternative ways to do those activities that are important to them.

These could include the everyday necessities of daily living such as preparing a meal, getting dressed, going to school or work, or simply continuing with a favourite hobby. Occupational therapists will work with individuals and their carers or families to find alternative ways to do those activities.

Working together with home support staff, they can offer a reablement programme to help you regain as much independence as possible

They can provide guidance, advice and support to help you manage your daily activities in different ways or provide or suggest equipment to help you be independent.

They can also suggest adaptations that could be made to your home or help with finding alternative housing solutions

They also work with children, their families and school or nurseries to help make the most of a child or young person's abilities and develop independence in every day activities. Often working alongside NHS Lanarkshire.

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