About self directed support

Where people have choice and control over their support arrangements

Our aim is that people can exercise maximum choice and control over their lives, including control over any support they may require. We strive towards ever more personalised approaches and are committed to self directed support given the positive outcomes this approach can help people achieve.

Self directed support is not the name of a particular type of service, but a method of arranging support in a tailor made way so that people can live more independently. 

There is already a great deal of evidence of the benefits to this approach, particularly regarding its potential to increase the levels of flexibility, control, choice and independence that people experience.

Under this approach, people are allocated an individual budget which is used to fund their support arrangements. This budget can be used in a variety of ways:

  • as a direct payment
  • as an individual service fund with a provider organisation
  • by being supported directly by North Lanarkshire Council

People can choose to have a combination of these options since self directed support recognises the unique preferences and lifestyles that people have.

It enables people to be supported in ways other than by traditional services and to purchase other goods and services that will enable them to achieve their preferred outcomes.

It gives people the opportunity to arrange very individual support solutions. 

The Scottish Government has defined self directed support as being about improving outcomes for citizens, by providing choice, control and independence, through safe, sustainable and economically viable responses to support planning.

In North Lanarkshire, we identified that traditional approaches to arranging support for people often struggled to meet the divergent needs and wishes of large numbers of citizens. Self directed support enables people to have more flexibility, choice and control over their support and they are involved in planning their own support from the earliest stage.

The referral process is the same as for a community care assessment.

Our policy and procedures document is available to download.


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