Primary school breakfast clubs

Information on clubs

Breakfast clubs provide an excellent start to the school day. They aim to:

  • Provide a healthy nutritious start to the day

  • Help children to be alert and ready to learn

  • Encourage children to mix with their friends

  • Improve attendance and performance throughout the day

  • Reassure parents that their child is safe when dropped off in the morning

There are 80 primary schools currently operating breakfast clubs open from 8.30am each school day. A breakfast consists of fruit juice, cereal and toast. The maximum charge at a breakfast club is £0.90; however, prices may vary in some schools.

Our pdf icon Breakfast Club Leaflet [1Mb] provides more information on the format of breakfast.

Our breakfast clubs have been recognised as providing a valuable service to schools and have been awarded North Lanarkshire Council's corporate award for health and wellbeing and a Scottish Government award from the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (CoSLA).

Healthy eating

It is our pdf icon Policy [1Mb] to offer foods that meet national nutritional guidelines set by The Scottish Government. We aim to reduce the amount of sugar, fat and salt in the diet while increasing fruit, vegetables and fibre.

We will encourage Healthy Eating in our Schools to help your child to choose wisely, making sure they have a nutritious and well balanced start to the day.

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