Watersports facilities and services at Strathclyde Country Park

Strathclyde Country Park is an internationally renowned watersports arena

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The park has successfully held rowing championships at all levels including the 1986 Commonwealth Games and the 1996 World Championships.

It also regularly hosts rowing and sailing events.


A purpose built watersports centre with excellent changing facilities and a vast 200 acre loch make this an ideal site for learning all sorts of watersports in a safe and enjoyable environment. With a large array of modern equipment for hire, backed up by warm and up to date lecture facilities, the centre is at the forefront in the provision of watersports training in Scotland. You are also welcome to bring along your own craft, and make use of the excellent facilities, subject to your skills and the suitability of your equipment. Restrictions apply to certain powered craft and keel boats.


There is an element of risk inherent in all outdoor activities but here at Strathclyde Country Park we aim to reduce this to an absolute minimum by care and good practice. To help us achieve this aim we require practical course participants to be able to swim 25 metres in watersports clothing. Buoyancy aids are worn at all times afloat and there is always a rescue boat on patrol whenever there is anyone out on the water.

It is important that the instructor is made aware of any medical condition that could affect the participant during the course, especially taking into account the inclement weather that may be encountered. Participants must be prepared to follow instructions from a staff member regarding their own and the group's safety.

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