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Greenspace participatory budgeting

Project vote results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in our Greenspace participatory budgeting exercise. We were really pleased and amazed to see that 1449 residents voted.  

Here are the results from the voting, showing the percentage votes cast for each project idea. 

Section 5 listed North Lanarkshire-wide projects, suggested by several applicants. The vote indicated that 50% of the votes cast wanted to see more wildflower meadows. We will identify council land suitable for planting and hopefully create beautiful wildflower meadows across North Lanarkshire. 

PB Section 1 Response

Section 1 - project ideas

  No. of votes  % of vote 
Community Grass Area - Moodiesburn - application 17  284  19.60% 
Rewilding Craighalbert roundabout to Craigmarloch / Burnhead Road and Cowan Road - application 22  234  16.15% 
Bird & bat boxes - Gartcosh Nature Reserve - application 29  526  36.30% 
Nature Corridor - Stonylee Road / Craigieburn Road - application 36  405  27.95% 

PB Section 2 Response

Section 2 - project ideas

  No. of votes  % of vote 
Rewilding - Glenmavis - application 14  382  26.36% 
Rewilding & pond restoration - Greengairs - application 23  480  33.13% 
Rewilding - Allanton & Shotts - application 25  353  24.36% 
Habitat improvement - Vics Park - application 32  234  16.15% 

PB Section 3 Response

Section 3 - project ideas

  No. of votes  % of vote 
Shrub & bog garden - George Street Park - application 13  393  27.12% 
Woodland walk improvements & signage - Dalzell Community Area - application 19  765  52.80% 
Habitat improvements & signage - Shields Glen - application 21  291  20.08% 

PB Section 4 Response

Section 4 - project ideas

  No. of votes  % of vote 
Bird & bat boxes & signage - Greenhead Local Nature Reserve - application 6  381  26.29% 
Pond remediation & habitat improvements - Craigneuk - application 33  384  26.50% 
Habitat improvements - Holytown - application 38  200  13.80% 
Woodland walk, improvement to pond and signage - Newarthill - application 10  484  33.40% 

PB Section 5 Response

Section 5 - project ideas

  No. of votes  % of vote 
Planting wildflower meadows across North Lanarkshire (applications 8, 12, 16, 31 & 34)    722  49.83% 
Installing bird & bat boxes across North Lanarkshire (applications 16 & 26)  285  19.67% 
Planting trees across North Lanarkshire (application 16 & 37)  442  30.50% 

Next stage

Following site inspections and further appraisal of the project ideas, we will deliver the successful projects over the winter months. We will work together with the successful applicants to ensure that their ideas, suggestions, and vision are achieved or as far as possible, given the budget, available resources, and timescales.  

Once again thank you to everyone who sent in project ideas and we encourage you to apply again next year. All the suggestions were brilliant, satisfied our criteria and could very well have been delivered. Unfortunately, with limited resources we can only deliver the projects with the highest number of votes, as voted for by the public. 

Participatory Budgeting (PB) was introduced to encourage more community participation and to help communities have a say in how public money is spent. All local authorities in Scotland have agreed that at least 1% of their budgets will be subject to PB. 

Our Nature Recovery PB exercise was the first one organised by Community Greenspace. Our aim was to allocate money on practical projects in our greenspaces. These projects will improve, enhance, restore, and increase our wildlife habitats and help our local environments to become more resilient to climate change while creating sustainable areas. 

We think it has been a success and would like to hear what you think. We want your feedback and comments on the process. We want to know what we did well, what we could have done differently and how we can improve in the future. Our lessons-learned survey will be created soon. Please look out for further details here and on social media. 


Page last updated:
26 Oct 2022

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