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Community care assessment and planning

How do I access social work services?

A community care assessment is a chance for us to look at your social care needs and the things you want to achieve.

We call these outcomes.

We will work with you to find out which services will best help you to maintain your wellbeing and independence. 

We will look at all your needs and at the things you want to be able to achieve and create a support plan with you.

There is no charge for a community care assessment.

Social care needs and the outcomes you want to be able to achieve will be based on things you may need help with, such as:

  • making sure you eat well
  • looking after yourself
  • being able to move around your home
  • being able to look after your home
  • having contact with family and friends
  • being able to access other community activities, such as work opportunities or education
  • emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • other caring responsibilities you may have
  • supporting your family and friends to care for you

You may be entitled to help with your community care  assessment from an independent advocate or an advocacy service. 

How do I arrange a community care assessment?

Use the online contact form or call your nearest social work locality office.

What happens at a community care assessment?

Our assessor will visit you to talk about your needs and examine the things you want to be able to achieve. Together, you can work out the services that can help you. You can have a carer, a family member or independent advocate with you at the visit.

We can offer anyone that is providing you support and assistance a carer's assessment to find how out much support and help they need to care for you.

If you agree, we may arrange a joint assessment with other agencies involved in your care, such as the health service.

Am I eligible for help?

Your community care assessment will look at all your needs and at the outcomes you want to be able to achieve and check whether any of them meet the national eligibility criteria for adult social care supports.

Our assessor will work with you to create a support plan for your eligible social care needs.

Together, we’ll work out how much your independence and wellbeing is at risk if you don’t have help.

What if I’m not eligible for help?

If you’re not eligible for care and support from us, we’ll put you in touch with other organisations that may be able to help.

If you need just a little help

If you need just a little help to manage at home, use making life easier. 

If your needs are more complex

If your independence and well being are at significant risk, we’ll arrange to visit you and carry out a community care assessment to look at your eligible social care needs. 

We’ll work out a personal budget so you can organise and buy your own care and support via an agreed support plan. This gives you choice and control over the support you get.

Your support plan could include care at home, short term care, minor home adaptations, loaning you equipment and more. 

We’ll also carry out a financial assessment to see whether you’ll need to pay something towards your care and support.

Help for carers

If you’re an unpaid carer, you can have a carer's assessment, which looks at the support you need to look after someone else. This could include short breaks from your caring role.

You can have a carer’s assessment even if the person you look after doesn’t want to have their own needs assessment or isn’t eligible for help from us.

Page last updated:
14 Feb 2024

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