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Equipment and adaptations


What is the Equipment and Adaptation Service?

We provide equipment and adaptations for people living in North Lanarkshire, as well as NHS Lanarkshire equipment to South Lanarkshire residents.

The range of equipment and adaptations we provide includes items such as assistive technology, sensory impairment items, commodes, standard walking items, stairlifts, external rails and bannisters, ramps and bathroom adaptations.

Requests either come from health and social care staff following an assessment or from members of the public who have completed a guided self-assessment for equipment through Making Life Easier.

You can also arrange service and repairs of equipment that have been issued. These are carried out either by us or by our contracted companies.

Equipment service

Equipment to help you with everyday tasks at home

Many people can continue to live safely at home by using specialised equipment and you can purchase many of these items yourself.

This can help maintain your independence and delay or prevent the need for social care.

Here are some examples of equipment that could help you:

Preparing and cooking food

  • lightweight kettles
  • bottle, jar and tin openers
  • utensils with large, long, weighted or curved grips

Getting dressed

  • button hookers, dressing sticks and zip pullers
  • aids to help you put on your socks and stockings
  • long-handled shoe horns to make it easier to get your shoes on and off

Washing and cleaning

  • tap turners, lever taps can help if you have problems with your grip
  • bath board, bath seat or bath lift - these can make it easier and safer to use the bath.
  • shower boards and swivel seats to help you get in and out of the bath

Using the toilet

  • raised toilet seats and toilet rails can make it easier to get on or off the toilet
  • long handed bottom wipers can help you clean yourself after going to the toilet
  • waterproof bedding and mattresses can help manage incontinence

Find out what equipment you need

You can use our Making Life Easier website to assist with any area of difficulty that you have.

 The result of the self-assessment will:

  • provide you with suitable signposting, provide a solution or advise if you'd benefit from a full assessment of your needs
  • tell you how to request social care support

When you no longer need your equipment or your equipment needs to be repaired

Contact the Equipment and Adaptation Service for more information on collection, uplift and repair of equipment.

Adaptation Service

What are home adaptations? 

Adapting your home means making changes to help you manage everyday tasks and stay independent at home for longer.

We look at everyone's situation individually by giving you a needs assessment (also known as a community care assessment) and will let you know what we can do to help you adapt your home.

Simple adaptations

Some adaptations are relatively simple changes to your home.

Many of these simple adaptations cost less than £1,000 and can be installed relatively quickly. 

Examples of simpler home adaptations include: 

  • grab rails around the bath, shower, toilet or elsewhere
  • additional stair rails
  • small steps to doors

Major adaptations

Other adaptations are major changes to your home.

Examples of these adaptations include: 

  • wet floor shower
  • through-floor lifts
  • wheelchair ramps
  • widening doorways
  • identifying alternative housing solutions.

Major changes to your home should be carefully researched and planned. Major adaptations may be recommended following a needs led assessment by an occupational therapist.

If you live in a rented property, you'll need to get your landlord's written permission to make changes.

How much does it cost?

Our information and advice is free. Minor adaptations are also free.

Following an occupational therapy assessment that identifies a need for further input, we may recommend suitable adaptations that could be made to your home, or help you to find alternative housing options.

There will be no charge for the work needed if you're a council or housing association tenant and an occupational therapist has assessed you as requiring a permanent adaptation.

You'll be eligible for assistance with 80% of the approved cost if you own your property or are privately renting and an occupational therapist has assessed you as needing a permanent adaptation.

The maintenance and upkeep of the adaptation following installation is the responsibility of the homeowner/tenant.

In some circumstances, a 100% grant is awarded depending on receipt of qualifying benefits.

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