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Short breaks for carers

Find out how you can get a break from your caring role.

A short break is a way of supporting you to have a life outside or alongside your caring role, supporting your health and wellbeing.

Information about short breaks available for you as a carer and how you can access them is available in our short breaks statement for adult and young carers.

If you are a carer and think a short break would help you, please contact the Short Break Carer Information Service based in Lanarkshire Carers, Airdrie. The service can provide information on the range of short breaks available.

If you are a young carer and would like to find out more about short breaks, please contact Action for Children.

The Community Solutions Programme invests in activities in each locality in North Lanarkshire to support the needs of local people and their carers. These activities can enable you to access a short break through a range of local activities. For more information, contact North Lanarkshire Carers Together.

Short Breaks Statement Summary

Being a carer takes commitment and dedication. Our goal is to support you to continue caring, support your well-being, and maintain the strength of your caring relationship, as well as benefit the person you care for. That's why we'd like to ensure you have the opportunity for a short break - if you need it.

The Short Break Statement is designed to assist in planning breaks, regardless of eligibility under the 'duty to support' criteria.

A short break is more than a pause; it's a chance for you to take a break from caring role, enjoy some of your own interests and look after your own health and equilibrium. What's more, it's a step that benefits you and those you care for.

Consider the possibilities:

  • Brief intermissions or more extended retreats.
  • Daytime breaks or overnight stays.
  • Arrangements where the person you care for receives a break away, giving you some personal time.
  • Opportunities for your own break with substitute care in place, if necessary.
  • Joint breaks with assistance, providing relief from daily carer routines.

Your needs as a carer matter. The aim is to have conversations that focus on your desired outcomes from taking a break - through an Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP) or Young Carer Statement (YCS) - tools not solely for assessment but also for understanding the potential positive impacts a break can bring.

In North Lanarkshire, a range of tailored support and services is available. Discover more at Carers | North Lanarkshire Council

Your well-being as a carer deserves attention too.

Page last updated:
06 May 2024

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