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Green and open space survey

We are asking you to share your views on the use and perceptions of green and open spaces. The data collected will be used to inform our Open Space Strategy as well as assisting with future policy, planning, and management of open spaces. We are also carrying out an audit of the area to identify all green and open spaces.

We are carrying out two surveys on green and open space. The first asks for your general views of our green and open spaces. The second is an opportunity for you to tell us more about specific spaces which are important to you where you live.

All residents and visitors to North Lanarkshire are invited to take part in these short surveys which should take 7 to 10 minutes to complete. You can choose to complete one or both of the surveys.

What are your general views of our green and open spaces

You can tell us what you think about green and open spaces in North Lanarkshire. Letting us know what you think will help us ensure that green and open spaces in the future meet the needs of our local communities. Even if you don't use green and open space, we are keen to hear your views. 

The closing date is 10 July 2023.

Tell us what spaces are important to you

We are carrying out an audit to provide basic information on the amount and quality of our green and open spaces. By selecting a space though this survey, you can help us understand what spaces are important to you and have value in your community.


The map option in this survey may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. Please contact us for assistance.

Why your views matter

We have many green and open spaces. These spaces are usually within and on the edges of towns and villages and include parks, gardens, playing fields, woodlands, river corridors, play areas, allotments, and civic spaces.

Our green and open spaces are more than just places for recreation or to help wildlife thrive - they provide important functions to society which have an economic value. Green and open spaces directly improve our health and wellbeing, benefitting society and helping to reduce costs on local and wider communities, the NHS, other public sector services and local businesses. Well-managed and maintained spaces can support people to interact with each other and promote a sense of place and community pride. 

Green and open space provides opportunities for sport and recreation and it supports active and healthy lifestyles and sustainable choices for people wishing to grow their own food and travel safely by foot or bicycle. Green networks and corridors which link spaces also promote biodiversity and enable movement of wildlife as well as reducing pollution, tackling climate change and mitigating the effects of extreme weather conditions such as flooding. 

Our aim is to work with partners, stakeholders and communities to maintain a diverse range of well-maintained, connected green, open and civic spaces across North Lanarkshire. We want to hear from as many people as possible to give a balanced overview of everyone’s interests and allow us to make best use of the limited resources available.

Play spaces

Share your views on play spaces in your area.

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18 Apr 2023

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